Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I order online?

Answer: Go to our Shop Online tab and select "SPI Store". If you cannot find your school or event on this page most likely it has been archived. If this is the case then you will have to call us 210.224.5553 and order with a debit or credit card over the phone. You must have a image number or the original order form. For the security of your child and family we will not process any orders without this information. If you do not have the image number or order form you can set up an appointment at our office and we will do our best to process the order. We do not guarantee the availability of any images past 30 days.

Question: How will I order and pay for the pictures?

How you order pictures depends on what process your school has chosen.



If your school chose the If it is prepaid you will receive a prepaid order form and envelope. Please fill out all the information and provide payment so that your child has it ready to hand to the photographer or the teacher.


If your school or day care chose the proof option you will receive an order form about one wee after picture day. The order form will have your child's proof on it. You select a pose, payment method, and have your child give it to the teacher on or before picture day.


If your school chose the online option you will receive an online order flyer with the instructions to order online.

Question: Can we do retakes?

Answer: Yes. If there are enough students and parents requesting retakes we will schedule a date in partnership with the school. If you request a retake at our office we will forward your request to our studio partner Bellissimo Portraits. There is a minimum $15 nonrefundable session fee. Retakes at our partnered studio are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5:30 p.m.

Question: How do we find out about picture day?

You will receive a flier about one week before picture day and/or the school will send an email blast out or it will be on your school calendar.There are three ways to get Picture Day information:


Question: What if my child misses picture day?

For fall pictures there is usually a retake day scheduled. Please check with the front office. For spring portraits there is no retake day scheduled.

Question: Should I dress up my child for picture day?

If the flier does not indicate "dress up" for picture day please check with the front office. Many schools have strict dress codes. If your child is allowed to dress up we recommend solid colors. 

Question: Will someone help my child make sure he or she is ready for a picture?

Most schools have volunteers to help with the picture process. Unfortunately our photographers are no longer allowed to touch children, fix their clothes, or their hair. If you are concerned about having your child look their best we highly recommend volunteering or being present at their portrait time.

What if I do not like the pictures?

That's what retakes are for. And if you do not like the retakes we will refund you your payment so long as you return all the pictures, undamaged to our office in San Antonio.

Can I make copies of my child's pictures?

No, you cannot make copies of the prints. It is against the law to do this. If you want to be able to make all the copies you want we suggest you order a CD image, which will include a copyright release.