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Rene Euresti, SPI Owner

October 2017


Whether you are a one person studio, a sports photographer, or a small company like us, we all know what it's like to have to compete with others. Sometimes it's pricing, sometimes it's availability. What ever it is you have to decide if you want to step up and be that person, or small company, that can deliver. Be it something unique and creative or something calling for speed and accuracy. Remember this: You get to work in a field that very few people make a living at. You are part of a rare group of "creatives" striving for a great pictures or the picture of a lifetime. Never lose sight of that.

March 31, 2016


Lets be realistic . . . would you want to be behind the camera 40 hours a week, twelve months a year!? A great way to change it up is to think outside the box. Why not set up a photography class or camp? Your are still practicing your craft and passing along your passion. I can think of no better way to do this than by passing along your wisdom, experience, and expertise.





































March 24, 2016

"Are you a photographer?


I am often asked this question and I always hesitate answering.

The reason is that any photographer, who has successfuly

made a living in this field, knows that to say "yes, I am a

photographer" is not 100% accurate.  It does not tell the entire

picture (pun intended). To succeed in this business you have

no choice but to be:






•Account Executive


•Financial Officer

•And more!


I do not say this to scare anyone off from being a

photographer. I want you to know this going in. If you

enjoy the stimulation of different responsibilities, learning

different aspects of a business, socializing with people,

and  working "outside the box" photography is a field that

offers all this and more.


So to say, "I am a photographer" does not come even close

to what I am and what I do professionally. So much more

is involved in this field and I enjoy every aspect of it. Well,

maybe not the paper work, especially tax work, forms, and

such. Luckily we can afford an accountant for that!


So when someone asks me, "Are you a photogapher?" My answer is always, "I run a photography business and I get to spend time with some pretty great people".



July 20, 2015

"What do you do for a living?”

I am often asked, “What do you do for a living?” Usually the very next question is,  “Are you a photographer?”

So .  .  .  What do I do for a living?
From a business perspective?
From a creative perspective?
As an art form?
Commercial? Studio? Sports? And so on and so forth.

This question is loaded with possibilities and THAT is why I love this question!


“What do I do for a living?”  . . . "I run a photography company".


What I really want to say is, “If only for a moment, I get to stop time. I get to create moments, memories, and smiles that will outlast my life and possibly, my children’s lives.


"I am also part of a team that goes out into world and makes every effort to capture "that smile". The one the parent truly appreciates or capture a moment that will never come again, be in a wedding or a group picture of a family reunion. In short I get paid to get people to smile."



Every time I get to “work” on making sure we are ready to photograph a wedding. From rehearsal, to ceremony, to dinner, and reception we make sure the right moments are captured forever. This also means we spend time with the bride, groom and family. We get to know the couple and their families at a very precious moment in their lives. It can be very humbling to be entrusted with their confidence.



I get to bring a group of people together for one day. One of the most important days of the school year for most students “PICTURE DAY!”. This is a huge project that requires a lot of coordination between our company, the school, the parents, volunteers, students, post production people, and more. We never forget that this might be the one day that the child gets to wear a brand new pair of shoes or a new dress. These students come in for their portrait and start talking about all the work their mom did on their hair that morning. Some boys talk about the tie that their dad put on them for the first time. Yes, picture day at school is a huge moment in a child’s life and we never forget that.



Once in a while we have a newborn come in to our studio and we are reminded how precious life is. The parents turn to us to capture their baby, in all his or her glory. They entrust us to create a beautiful portrait that will hang on their wall for years to come. Although it is a huge responsibility we willingly and happily take it on.


Some clients are a combination of parent, child, and infant. Talk about opinions and options! And it always falls on us to get “that signature picture” that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. This dynamic is fun to work with because, for that one moment, they get focused. They know this portrait will hang on their wall for a lifetime. To be allowed into their family dynamic, be it for an hour, is such a privilege.


So  .  .  . what do I do for a living? I get to smile .  .  . a lot!



In my next blog I will address “Are you a photographer?”

Until then do not let anyone hold you down and keep reaching for the stars.


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