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SPI in the Pearl- Melissa Guerra

After a Particularly short and sweet photoshoot, I slipped out of the studio and headed to The Pearl. I made a stop at Melissa Guerra. The shop’s specialty is Latin American kitchen instruments, tableware, hard to find ingredients, apparel, jewelry, and the list goes on.

It's pretty much a condensed version of El Mercado.

The absolute best thing about Melissa Guerra is the color. So much color. Everywhere you look there are bright and bold colors.

It’s April and Fiesta is about to begin, this served as a bit of a teaser. Colorful little piñatas, crepe paper flower crowns, and so many other pieces to decorate your home or office. Stop by and take in some culture, maybe buy a muerte or a papel picado banner, every home needs a pop of color!


303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 104 San Antonio, Texas 78215

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