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SPi has been operating since 2002. That's almost two decades!

Jennifer Charo

Jennifer Charo has been with Signature Photography Inc for over four years. She has taken over 100,000 kid's and student portraits during that time. Jennifer is also our studio photographer and has experience with studio portraits, event photography, corporate photography, and sooooo much more. Jennifer is an expert in image editing. She regularly edits images for clients, Signature Photography Inc, and several social media sites.

Jennifer is our "Production Queen" as well ! She excels at teaching post editing techniques in our summer photography camps. She is also quite the pro at Photoshop! She is very patient with kids of all ages, including those over 30, and looks forward to these SPI camps every year.


Rene Euresti

Rene has a degree in advertising and design and is one of the owners of Signature Photography Inc. He is from San Antonio and cannot see himself living anywhere else or doing anything else.


He is knowledgeable in the portrait process, post editing, image editing, and event photography. He is very comfortable with kids of all ages and has taken close to, or is responsible for almost 1,000,000 school and day care portraits of children. Yes, he knows a thing or two about kids and volume photography.


Susana Euresti

Susana was the original sales person, accountant, and production staff for SPI. Yes! She wore all the hats when we first started in 2001. She now focuses on management and administrative roles and also helps with business development. Without her this business would have never gotten off the ground!


Vanessa Molina

Vanessa joined us in 2017 and has turned out to be a great school and day care photographer. She has done so well for us that she is now a lead photographer on all her photoshoots. We truly appreciate her dedication to her job and to the kids. Vanessa works at making every portrait as special as possible. As a parent of two girls she knows what parents want in a school portrait. 


Mari Mares

Mari is a true asset to SPI. She has transitioned to freelance and joins us on the more challenging photoshoots. She has been in the photography business for over a decade. She is familiar with all types of photography from portraits, to events, to schools, and sports. Mari is also adept at image editing and post production.


Espie Suarez

Espie attended the Art Institute of San Antonio and successfully completed their photography program. She is our latest addition to our SPI family. She has a great eye for infant portraits and is definitely a pro behind the camera. She helps us with school and day care portraits. We hope she stays with us a very long time.

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